Welcome to Bromsgrove Arts Alive....dedicated to supporting and promoting a broad spectrum of the arts* in Bromsgrove and the surrounding areas

"Art is the conscious arrangement and production of colours, forms, movements, sounds, and all other elements used in a manner that

affects our human senses"


Bromsgrove Arts Alive - our mission statement


"To promote, champion and encourage involvement in the arts
in Bromsgrove and the surrounding area"


Special News and forthcoming events......


Dates announced for forthcoming AA Meetings

The following dates have been set for the Quarterly Meetings of Bromsgrove Arts Alive!

  • 21st June 2017 - Annual General Meeting - 7.00pm at Artrix (Room 4) - tea, coffee and biscuits

You are reminded that ALL Arts Alive members are welcome to attend....not just representatives.

Spring 2017 Newsletter

A download copy of the Spring 2017 Newsletter will be available here shortly

Celebratory Poem

Specially composed by Gillian Clarke the National Poet of Wales to celebrate the 35 years that WORDS has been bringing to Bromsgrove the best of the spoken and written word


In the twilit dome of the egg, the embryo's listening,
learning the refrain its parent sings.

A baby imagines a word's shape
before trying to speak, watches it on the lip

of whoever leans over the cot, hears it maze down the silk
of the ear, feels it settle in the tree of the brain,

tastes it in salts of skin, drinks it in milk,
spittle and tears, cries it in darkness and dream,

before tongue taps d, t, and lips unfold
from la to vowel, and turn the word to world.

Gwyneth Myfanwy, dying at ninety three,
calls 'Mam! Oh! Mam!' from the landscape of her dream,

her sunlit story of ten decades past
retelling itself, her first word, her last.

Gillian Clarke 2014